Work > 2012

"Something flies or is thrown in through the window, like a large insect with whirling spiral legs, yellow and black. It then becomes a queer animal, striped yellow and black, like a tiger, with bear-like, almost human paws and a pointed wolf-like face. It may run loose and harm children. It is Sunday afternoon, and I see a little girl all dressed in white on her way to Sunday school. I must get the police to help.
But then I see the creature has become part woman, part animal. It fawns upon me, wants to be loved. I feel it's a fairytale situation, or a dream, and only kindness can transform it. I try to embrace it warmly, but I can''t go through with it. I push it away. But I have the feeling I must keep it near and get used to it and maybe someday I'll be able to kiss it."

hand crocheted acrylic wool, polyfill